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There are many choices when it comes to life coach education - yet there is only one like this one. Imagine if you were to embody the skill-sets of the most prominent and successful coaches. Imagine if you were to live the same mind-set as the celebrated authors and speakers in personal and business development which you have undoubtedly heard of or studied. And yes, just Imagine if you were to have the pride of receiving your education and professional credentials from a government regulated, licensed and internationally recognized school.

For you there is. . .

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Program #2101
Neuro Linguistic Life Coach Training

The Most Comprehensive and Personally
Life Changing Life Coach Training Available

Receive Your Professional Certifications in 8 Days! Complete Your Core Competency Training in 8 LIVE Day-Long Courses and/or 8 Extensive Online Sessions then . . .

Earn While You Master Your Craft - 300 Credit Hours
Start Your Professional Practice, and continue with our advanced training at no additional charge via Tele-Classes, Video Conferences, Internships, and/or Online Videos.


* Learn elegant and exquisite communication skills and how language affects the brain and its generation of behaviors. In other words, you become a master of behavior change.

* Learn over 30 of the top life coaching techniques and the operating manual of the human brain. Learning the nuts and bolts of how the brain processes gives you a distinct advantage.

* Personally experience the power and effectiveness of the processes being taught by volunteering for live class demonstrations and participating in over 30 practical exercises performed with fellow students. This is an extremely rare opportunity for you in this field.

Major Certifications: Component Certificates:
  • Life Coach
  • Neuro-Linguistic Coach®
  • DreamSculpting®
  • NLP Life Mastery Coach
  • TimeLine Coach
  • Trauma Relief Specialist
  • Qualifies For Nursing and Medical Professional CEU's
  • Qualifies For Certification as Licensed Practitioner of NLP®
  • Qualifies For Additional Certifications from Life Coaching Associations


Life coach training studentsLife Coaching is a great opportunity for you, and it is considered one of today's fastest growing self-employment fields. Bennett/Stellar University graduates are highly successful life coaches, celebrated speakers, and authors. According to a recent article on, Life Coaching is "Exploding." In fact, nearly 20% of Life Coaches reported year-end six-figure salaries. Christian (Pictured left) is a Bennett/Stellar University graduate - and was featured in the aforementioned article as a Life Coach making more than a million dollars a year. Pictured next to him on the left is fellow graduate, Sean, now a celebrated author and speaker. One of our most recent graduates landed a contract as a coach with the popular television series, Shark Tank. The difference between the life coaches that are hugely successful and that other 80%, is in blending the knowledge of Neuro Linguistics into their practices.

In fact, to be considered a competent life coach, most countries will require NLP training and include it as an essential part of a life coach training program. In the United States, this training affords you the opportunity to be a leader in the field of life coaching — meeting more stringent international standards, advancing your skills, increasing your confidence, and being more effective in serving your clients.


If you have received prior training through an organization affiliated with a federation or an association we accredit and desire to upgrade your training to a higher skill level, we will credit a portion of your training hours and tuition. Bennett/Stellar University currently provides accreditation for the following Life Coaching Associations:

  • U.S. Life Coach Association (USLCA)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • The International Coaching Society 
  • The Society of NLP
  • International Association of Professional Life Coaches
  • Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® Federation

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Be trained to elicit what is truly stopping individuals and businesses from achieving the goals they set. Typically, it isn't the client's lack of knowing what to do to achieve success; it is the client's unconscious programming that truly holds him or her back. In other words, subconsciously, the unsuccessful client is not programmed to succeed in that area. Remember one simple rule: When will is in conflict with imagination, imagination will always win. The techniques infused into our Neuro Linguistic Life Coaching® Program provide you with the skills to reveal this critical information along with the ability to change your and your client's programming at a subconscious level. This also makes achieving goals a natural process rather than one of struggle.

In addition, you learn our proprietary state-of-the-art business and coaching process (DreamSculpting®) and experience its power yourself - as you will graduate with your own business or life plan for personal success. Instead of being a simple taskmaster, become an inspirational co-creator with your clients.

As A Neuro Linguistic Based Life Coach YOU Will Be A Master At. . .

* Building rapport and making connections instantly
* Setting clear and achievable goals
* Knowing what questions to ask
* Changing negative thinking and limiting beliefs
* Relieving pain, illness, and trauma that limits success
* Removing self-sabotage

* Shifting how people react to external situations
* Working content-free for overcoming embarrassing issues
* Eliciting talents and gifts and teaching them to others
* Healing the past to live a better NOW and even better future
* Achieving any dream or goal
* The art of reading body language

life coach training fearsWHAT IS THE LIFE COACH'S KRYPTONITE?

Many promising life coaches either put-off receiving training or starting their practices because they feel their own life is not perfect. These life coaches may also believe they lack significant achievement in the areas where they intend to help others. We can guarantee, upon graduating from our Life Coach Training, that you will be competent, confident, and feel personally qualified to be the professional Life Coach and person you desire to be.

Our live programs are filled with practical exercises that you perform with, and receive from, your fellow students. In addition, our instructors provide live demonstrations of all the techniques being taught – healing student volunteers of real issues that had formerly limited them - the same kind of issues you are likely to face with your clients.

  • IMPORTANT - You will learn, experience, and practice skills and processes that produce positive results, skyrocketing you to success.
  • IMPORTANT - You will graduate our program with a business or life plan to achieve your personal goals, as well as the skills to help clients, yourself, and your family.