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Program #1102
NLP Master Practitioner Training
San Diego, CA

This program includes programs: Prog. #2101 NLP Coach,
#1201 DreamScultping® and #1002 Hypnosis Mastery
Certifications Awarded: Life Coach
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®

Qualifies For Nursing and Medical Professional CEU's

14 Day Certification Program
San Diego & Orange County CA

NLP Master Practitioner training in Sunny San Diego near LA and Orange County General Description: This program infuses you with the master skill-sets of the most prominent coaches, authors, and speakers of business and self-development and qualifies you to become a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®. Training is easily understood and applied by the enthusiast or practicing professional. Become a master of the operating manual of the human mind - an extremely effective and indispensable ability for anyone - especially for those who want to exceed in healthcare, coaching or business.

It Is Easy To Be Your Best. . . When You Know What That Is.
The study of NLP or Neuro-Linguistics provides an understanding of how the mind processes language and communication and how that relates to behavior. Through understanding the language of the subconscious, you can communicate effectively and achieve a desired response.

Each of us, either through genetics, biochemistry, or environmental influences, have programmed ourselves to be exceptional at many things, mediocre at some, and downright awful at others. These neurological patterns, or programs, can be understood by observing and listening to how we linguistically communicate and behave in both verbal and nonverbal language. Through this language of the subconscious, we can understand - and alter - how we neurologically piece our experiences together to become more consistently exceptional at the things we do, maximizing our potential both personally and professionally!

NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems." - Psychology Today

“NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.” — Modern Psychology

Our condensing of four college semesters' worth of class hours into an immersion/retreat allows you to accelerate your education and. . .

Receive Your Professional Certifications in 14 Days in a highly enjoyable and rejuvenating setting! Submerge yourself into learning and Complete Training in 13 LIVE Full-Day Courses then. . .

Profit While You Master Your Craft - After completing your training in California, complete an additional 200 hours of home study (Optional) at your own place and pace at no additional charge A Grand Total of 400 Hours of Study to receive Master's Level Neuro Linguistic Life Coach Training and Certification.

Upon graduating, you will have a business or life plan for your success through learning and experiencing our proprietary coaching process DreamSculpting®. Following your graduation of this training, you can continue your learning (200 hours of optional advanced study at no additional charge) to master your craft and receive business building support via:

  • Weekly Tele-Classes For Additional Skill And Business Development
  • Online Videos Of Entire Program With Demonstrations
  • Video Conference Access To Future Live Programs
  • Re-attendance Of Core Courses – At No Charge
  • Access To Micro-Courses on Skill and Business Development
  • Two Web-pages To Market Your Multiple Professional Practices

As A NLP Master Practitioner / Coach YOU Will Be A Master At ...

* Building rapport and making connections instantly
* Setting clear and achievable goals
* Speaking with clients and knowing what questions to ask
* Changing negative thinking and limiting beliefs
* Relieving pain, illness, and trauma that limits success
* Removing self-sabotage
* Shifting how people react to external situations
* The art of reading body language
* Hypnotizing conversationally, non-verbally and Instantly
* Persuading artfully and with integrity
* Utilizing analogy, metaphors and stories for effortless change
* Working content-free for overcoming embarrassing issues
* Eliciting talents and gifts and teaching them to others
* Healing the past to live a better NOW and even better future
* Achieving aspirations, dreams and goals
* Removing bad habits and addictions


SPECIAL NOTE: "Review of student feedback critiques and interviews of their NLP training with students of Bennett/Stellar University demonstrates that students are extremely satisfied with the quality of training and Mr. Bennett's methodology. Students were observed to be highly engaged in the program."
- On-Site Evaluation Team School Examination Report
The Accrediting Council For Continuing Education and Training, Washington D.C.

NLP Master Practitioner Training, in Sunny San Diego near LA and Orange County, CABREAK FREE TO SUCCESS: This program is filled with practical exercises that you perform with, and receive from, your fellow students. In addition, our instructors provide live demonstrations of all methods taught – healing student volunteers of real issues that had formerly limited them. In other words, you will witness for yourself the power of this work on your own issues and the ones you are likely to face with your clients.
**Side effects may include heightened self-confidence, better body image, more active life style, and an abundance of joy. Decide carefully which option is right for you.

Take your NLP skills to the highest level.
Really consider and imagine leaving all problems and concerns behind to attend this program in Sunny, San Diego, CA. Connect with like-minded individuals from all over the world that will join with and support you in an amazing journey of personal development - and the mastery of life-enriching skills. Learn processes and techniques that will benefit you personally, professionally, spiritually, and romantically.

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FasTrak / Retreat Format
Course Schedule
JANUARY 17 - 30, 2015
Residential / Weekend

Course Schedule
Weekend 1Weekend 2Weekend 3Weekend 4Weekend 5
JAN 17 & 18JAN 22 - 24JAN 30FEB 6 -8FEB 12 - 15

The Society of NLP Approved Seal For NLP Master Practitioner TrainingThe Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is set up for the purpose of exerting quality control over those training programs, services and materials claiming to represent the model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) This seal indicates Society Certification and is usually advertised by Society approved centers. When you purchase NLP products and seminars, ask to see this seal. This is your guarantee of quality.

Established in 1978, the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ is a worldwide organization set up for the purpose of exerting quality control over those training programs and services claiming to represent the model of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™).

The seal above indicates Society Certification (Shown Above) and is advertised by Society approved institutes and centers. We highly recommend that you exercise caution as you apply the techniques and skills of NLP™. We also urge you to attend only those seminars, workshops and training programs that have been officially designed and certified by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™. Any training programs that have been approved and endorsed by The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ will display a copy of the certification mark(s) of the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.

"I highly recommend Michael Bennett of Bennett/Stellar University. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few centers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming."Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP Approved by Richard Bandler

- Richard Bandler, Creator of NLP


  • Course #101-A Emotional States & Behavior Management
  • Course #101-B Communication and Relationship Building
  • Course #102-A Success Strategies & Behavioral Change
  • Course #102-B Subconscious Communication & Brain Coding
  • Course #201-A Advanced Goal Setting & Conflict Resolution
  • Course #201-B DreamSculpting® & Neural Natural Wholeness™
  • Course #202-A TimeLine Coaching, Trauma Release and Ultimate Creativity
  • Course #202-B Reverse Imagineering & Mentor Modeling
  • Course #301-A Language & Behavior Specialist
  • Course #301-B The Art of Charisma, Persuasion & Storytelling
  • Course #302-A Ericksonian Hypnosis & Elman Induction
  • Course #302-B Clinical Hypnosis & Non-Verbal Inductions
  • Course #401-A Neuro-Natural Health Coaching
Location: San Diego, CA
Start Date: Jan-17-2015
End Date: Jan-30-2015


Internationally Recognized Instructors Michael Bennett, Sandra Vesterstein


Kona Kai Resort

1551 Shelter Island Drive

San Diego, CA 92106


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Open: Life Coach Training and Certification Almost Full: NLP Training and Certification Full: NLP Training and Certification
Tuition: $4,670.00

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"Our greatest asset in business is human.  The ability to motivate, recruit, manage, promote and change individuals is vital in today's global economy. Bennett/Stellar University's workshops and trainings provide the tools to create a ten-fold advantage for executives willing to apply the methods presented.

Before I attended the Bennett/Stellar University training, I was practicing NLP in business and sports for eight years.  I was fully aware of the techniques and applications of the NLP model.  I was blown away by Michael's training.  I wish I would have had Bennett/Stellar training back in 1992 instead of NLP training that I had previously experienced."
- Timothy R. Brundrett, President and CEO,
Performance Research & Development, Inc

"For some time, I researched trainers for NLP and Hypnotherapy.  I found that my choice of Bennett Stellar University was the best decision I could have made.  Not only is the training thorough, the science behind it is well-founded and the content delivery is superb.  The program is intense, exciting and life-altering.  My work in physician and hospital relations will no doubt be elevated by my experience with Bennett Stellar."
-Marie de Martinez, MA, FACHE
Vice President for Business Development
Saint Francis Medical Center

"I leave Bennett/Stellar University feeling secure that I am now able to improve peoples' lives dramatically utilizing my new knowledge."
- Gary Toro, Senior Corporate Strategists
& National Events Coordinators Team,
The Anthony Robbins Companies